San Mateo Water Ski Club

Ski Club Open Invite:

All who enjoy waterskiing & wakeboarding can check out Ski Club. Come out on the water to ski, to spot and cheer others as they perfect their slalom, freestyle ski or board skills. March water will be up its first stage  to kickoff Spring ski season,  Inquire about Ski Club Email:


Waterfront ownership is NOT a requirement. We are a group of women & men who enjoy skiing and post to the Web to coordinate launch times With about 4 launches  a week, one is sure to find time for a quick pull to set the day off right. We welcome all ages & abilities of skiers/ wakeboarders (including children accompanied by parent). Enjoy instruction & encouragement from all. With a slalom course, a dock to stretch out on and fresh water showers, you will feel invigorated.

History of the San Mateo Marina Lagoon

This drawing was sent to me courtesy of Ms. Claire Garrigues, a long time Lagoon resident. It was published when she christened the dredge that would make our Marina Lagoon navigable circa 1966. 

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Bayfront & Lagoon Clean Up Day: Mark the Calandar for September 2014

The Daily Journal captured Mark Flowers & his daughter in the September 19th issue covering San Mateo’s 27th Annual Bay Front Cleanup Day. Mark, a lagoon resident shares his experience... It’s true…I’ve been a Peninsula resident my entire life, but my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to find the marina lagoon, and our home when we moved here 4 years ago to start our family. I am an avid waterman and wanted to find a place locally that would embody all the activities our family likes on the water. This year, we welcomed our daughter into our lives with the understanding that we would raise our children in a place that has deep roots for us, and also will provide an unforgettable atmosphere to grow up in. To preserve this amazing place we participated in this year’s coastal clean-up. My daughter Zoe and I, pictured, were out on the lagoon cleaning debris along with many local volunteers. It was a great success, great fun, and I’d encourage everyone to participate in the next one!

Mark Flowers is a lagoon resident and a financial advisor in San Mateo who can be reached at:   650-636-5311 or at


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MLAC - Marina Lagoon Action Committee

The Marina Lagoon Action Committee (MLAC) consists of residents, homeowner association and user groups that live on the San Mateo Marina Lagoon.  For years maintenance and planning for the Lagoon did not seem to be a priority for City staff. MLAC was formed to protect the interests of waterfront homeowners, to maintain property values and preserve this once neglected treasure.  We monitor Lagoon conditions and make recommendations to City Council and Public Works. We have a great rapport with City Council and they embrace our view that the Marina Lagoon is a recreational community treasure.  Issues we continue to work on are: water quality, aquatic weed abatement, trash removal, code enforcement, appearance standards, dredging, storm water pollution or silt accumulation, communications between residents and  government, water levels, recreational activities, safe boating, political action, public service, and assisting City government.


If you would like more information on MLAC or would like to help out, please contact us:


Rick Sakuda:                  Rich Hedges:

Ken Rhodes:         Andrew Lomano:


Annual Mid-Summer Raft Off Party

Imagine it’s the middle of summer and every lagoon resident is invited to the biggest bash ever on the Lagoon, or the 2nd biggest perhaps. Michael Sawyer, life-long 2nd Generation Lagoon Resident, (and Owner of Trade Print; the printer of this newsletter) ,tells me when he was just a boy (pictured to the left), that Navy Admiral George K. Dress organized a spectacular Navy Demonstration with Vietnam Era River Boats blasting from 0 to 40+ MPH and turning 180 degrees on a dime while firing deafening  rounds of mortar blanks over the empty grazing lands of Foster City. It was a vivid memory of Michael’s childhood on the lagoon. While having no Navy connections and residences on our Eastern Shore curtails mortar rounds, we have many fun loving neighbors and a city that may let us take over Aquatic Park for an afternoon. We get a plan to the Harbor Patrol and seek permission to let us beach our boats or anchor them and lash them together, called “Rafting off” on one another and hoping boat to boat to shore meeting new friends. Boat, paddle, sail, walk or drive to our party. Boat rides & grill delights will be a plenty. With a little planning and a pot luck style neighbors new & old can exchange acquaintances. 

To plan or to provide suggestions call Andrew Lomano at 650-346-0900.

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Andrew Lomano Realtor®


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